About us

In October 2016 via a leaflet to all households in the Parish, Codicote Parish Council sought approval to commence the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The leaflet also requested volunteers to help with the planning process.  The majority of respondents supported the plan, giving the Parish Council a mandate to form the Neighbourhood Planning Forum.


Working with the authority of the Parish Council and chaired by a Parish Council member, the Codicote Neighbourhood Forum comprises 45 residents from all over the Parish.  


The Forum held its inaugural meeting in November 2016.  Members of the Forum have been designated groups, within which they will contribute to different aspects of the plan.

In early 2017, the Forum contacted all households in the Parish to gather their views on the community and how it should develop.  The results of this exercise will inform and guide the direction of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Forum is committed to engaging with the local community, community groups and businesses throughout the process to ensure the Plan reflects everybody's views to the best extent possible.

The Forum will provide updates on progress via the Parish Magazine, local noticeboards, this website and our social media accounts at facebook, twitter and instagram.

If you have any questions about the Forum or would like to be involved, please get in touch either via the Parish Council office or by email to info@codicoteneighbourhoodforum.org.