Neighbourhood Plan - 1st draft (work in progress)

In the months since the closing date of the Codicote Neighbourhood Survey, members of the Neighbourhood Forum have met on a regular basis to progress the first draft of the Codicote Neighbourhood Plan.

The Open Days and Neighbourhood Survey were well supported and produced lots of interesting feedback.  We were better able to understand what people like about the Parish, what they'd like to change, and any concerns they have - with either the Parish as it stands or with any future development.

The feedback was analysed and passed to the various Neighbourhood Forum groups, who worked on the first stage of our document, which is to present the Parish as it stands - in other words "where we are now".

The activities of the groups were collated by the Steering/Communications Committees and these form the basis for Section 3.  Completion of this section was the first major milestone for our draft document.

With the Parish documented as it stands, and taking into account the aspirations and concerns learned via the Open Days and Survey, we have been able to move forward with the second major milestone, which is the compilation of a list of Objectives.  These Objectives are the things the Neighbourhood Forum would like to achieve via the plan, based on the views of the Parish.  This stage of the draft is also complete and can be seen in Section 6.

The next major stage of our plan is to create and document our Policies.  The Policies listed in the document will seek to guide planning and other decisions in order to achieve the Objectives.